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Monday, May 4, 2015

March 2015 All Hill Council Minutes


March Meeting Agenda:

OHSU Student Council (SC)
3/13/2015, 12:00-1:00/1:30pm
Location: MRB 310
Called to order:

Attendants: Bekki Witt, Taryn Hansen, Amelia Stoker, Andrew Sloan, James Rohlfing, David Edwards, K.C. Gilbert, Tyler Light, Constance Henderson, Nichole Slykhous, Amy Tzon, Megan Carroll, Chris Fanger, Elizabeth Sunderhaus, Jacob Goertz, Daniel Mick, Jay Kirchhofer, Adam Fox, Tate Masunaga, Karen Seresun, Heather Ennis, Christine Giatti, Stephanie Kerns, Laura Ziegen

·         Welcome/Food/Drinks (10 minutes)
·         Approval of Past Minutes (1 minute)
o   Minutes Approved
·         Health Care Equity Week (10 minutes)-Taryn Hansen
o   Problem is event is student run and programs don’t communicate.  Trying to reach out to schools at beginning of year to start communication between schools.  Get in touch with Karen Seresun and Bekki Witt to get communication out at the beginning of the year.  cansler@ohsu.edu to get in contact with Taryn Hansen if have any questions about heath Care Equity Week.  April 26th and lecture series the week before.
·         Volunteer World Health Carnival & Silent Auction (5 minutes)-Tyler Light or Josiah Brown
o   Fundraiser for global health to send people abroad.  $50 to attend the event so not designed for students.  April 17th at CLSB. 
·         Volunteer Awards Ceremony Wrap-Up (5 minutes)-Amelia Stoker
o   150 people in attendance.  Let Amelia know if anything can be done to improve the event next year. 
·         Gala (5 minutes)-James Rohlfing
o   8-12 AM on May 8th   at Adriana Ballroom downtown.  Set up PayPal to purchase tickets to the event.  $1000-1500 may be requested from student council.  $15 tickets. 
·         All-Hill Elections (5 minutes)- K.C. Gilbert
o   Email out information about positions and will send CV and personal statement back to K.C. Gilbert or Karen.  President is the only position you need to be on the executive council for one year to be able to apply for.  Will elect them by the next one or two meetings.
·         School Updates (5 minutes)
o   MS2’s have concerns, Pandora is blocked so let Stephanie Kerns know when that happens and she can get IT to work on it.  Also concerns with JBT not being staffed.
·         Rho Chi Quiz Bowl- Megan Carroll
o   Email team name and members to tobiasa@ohsu.edu by March 29th.
·         Motorcycle Parking-Christine Giatti and Ryan
o   Same application for motorcycles as for cars.  Motorcycle permit approval is decided by individual programs.  Not a lot of students approach parking for motorcycle permit parking.  Can add to the portal to get the information out.  Add motorcycle option to rate sheet and need program approval contacts.  Each program has an allotment and the approvers are usually the Associate Deans.  SoD: Mark Mitchell, SoM UME: Tracy Bumsted, SoM Graduate Studies: Allison Fryer, SoN: Peggy Wros, Other academic programs: David Robinson. Around campus it is pay to park 8-5 PM but free out of those hours except for reserved spots.  Make sure program directors are aware motorcycle parking is available to students.  Parking@ohsu.edu is contact information.  Shamrock run is 7:20-12:15 PM this Saturday.
·         Regular Updates (15 minutes)
o   Website Coordinator (Adam Fox)
§  No updates
o   JBT Health and Wellness Center (Sarah Lemley)
§  Not present
o   Student Health Advisory Committee (Marilyn Spencer)
§  Not present
o   Student Newsletter Committee (David Edwards)
§  Calling for articles next month and published first two weeks in May.
o   Student Center Planning Committee (Karen Seresun)
§  Mug O’ Joe April 6th from 11:45-12:45, lunch will be provided. March 30th pool closure at student center. Hopefully only closed a week.
o   Intramurals/Student Center Events (Heather Ennis)
§  Post around schools about Rho Chi Quiz Bowl on April 2nd.  April 13th intramural registration. April 8th 5:30-7:30 PM Artist reception for Luciano Monetti. 
o   March Wellness (Erich Knipschild)
§  Not present
o   Library (Laura Ziegen and Stephanie Kerns)
§  If there is someone at the desk in CLSB computer room then can ask them to go and ask a student to leave the room if there is only one person in the study room.  Stephanie will distribute charts with usage.  Changes are coming to BICK, weekend service hours and will be open to students on the weekends.  Effective March 21st.  Please give feedback during Spring term to Stephanie Kerns or at the desk. Adjustments will be made after usage charts are made.  Printer coming on 4th floor.
o   OHSU Communications (Bekki Witt)
§  Can customize news feed on portal now.  Announcements box is going away.  Things are moving along with the portal.  Usage is increasing for the portal. 

Next Meeting:  April 10, 2015, 12:00-1:00/1:30pm at MRB 310*


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