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Friday, October 18, 2013

All-Hill SC Meeting 10/11/13


October Meeting Agenda:

OHSU Student Council (SC)
10/11/2013, 12:00-1:00/1:30pm
Location: MRB 310
Called to order:

Attendants: Andrew Sloan, Nate Risley, K.C. Gilbert, Kassi Kronfeld, David Edwards, Lilly Winfree, Quinn Halverson, James Rohlfing, David Robinson, Will Price, Ali Chisti, Itallia Pacentine, Lauren Leyland, Quinn Martin, Daniel Egbert, Adam Fox, Soroush Amali, Amelia Stoker

·      Welcome/Food/Drinks (10 minutes)
o   Explanation of how the meetings work
o   Every student representative has a vote and can have a proxy come in to vote if you are unable to attend meeting
o   Main purpose we give funding is to fund programs that involve all OHSU students, not school specific events
·      Approval of Past Minutes (1 minute)
o   Minutes Approved
·      Funding Request (10 minutes)
o   Movie event (Jeremy Oneal): “Forks Over Knives”
§  Tabled until next meeting because there is no representative to explain the funding request
§  We will email funding requests the week of the meeting and would like to have email discussions before the meeting
·      Student Council Retreat (Nate Risley): Ropes course on Saturday Oct. 19th at 11am-1pm for all Student Council members. Head count will be required.
o   Need a head count of everybody who wishes to attend the team building exercise
·      OHSU Trailblazer night (Alex Cioara)
·      Halloween Party (Quinn Martin and Monica Luttrell)
o   Need set up and clean up (meet at 5-5:30)
o   No catering this year, will go to Costco
o   Will make a facebook event
·      Regular Updates (20 minutes)
o   Website Coordinator (Quinn Martin/Matthew Vansicale)
§  Will submit a list of names to student body for name
§  Student.ohsu.edu is the portal website
§  Student groups will have web pages in the end of October
o   Student Health Center (Sarah Lemley)
§  Flu shots right now
§  New sleep solutions seminar
§  Moment of silence during mindfulness session (pizza will be supplied)
§  Submit questions about health care reform so there can be an education session
§  Can email winfree@ohsu.edu your questions
o   Student Health Advisory Committee (Lily Winfree)
o   Student Newsletter Committee (David Edwards)
§  Will send an email to student body for request for submissions
§  Will be able to publish articles pertaining to health care
§  Everybody should remind their classes to submit
§  Prizes for best news letter
§  Any article is allowed, ideally something pertaining to student opinion
§  By students, for students, hopefully interdisciplinary
§  Submit to edwardavi@ohsu.edu
o   Student Center Planning Committee (Heather Ennis)
§  Barbecue had a good turn out (640 people)
§  There will be pizza and beer
§  Wednesday, October 23 mug of Joe
§  Thursday, October 24, new artist reception
§  Nov. 7th is Ducks Game
§  Thursday the 17th, Seahawks and Cardinals game
o   Intramurals (Heather Ennis)
§  Intramurals start Monday
o   March Wellness (Erich Knipschild)
o   Library (Laura)
§  School of Medicine asked for different departments to submit proposals for improvements
§  Will get new chairs and whiteboards, and will possibly be making the 4th floor more soundproof
o   OHSU Communications (Matt Vansicale)
o   Try to set a meeting with the Provost
Next Meeting:  Friday, November 8, 2013, 12:00-1:00/1:30pm at MRB 310*

Thursday, October 17, 2013

All-Hill SC Meeting 9/13/13

All-Hill SC meeting 9/13/13

Approval of minutes
Dana Director is new taking Bob Viera’s position
·      She now works with student affairs and student research so plans integrate those two
No funding requests
Web coordinator change stipend to $1000 from $500. Discussion on that topic. What are the roles of Web Coordinator. Changed from just blog and FB to working with student portal website and helping plan other events working closer with the VPs. Discussed roles of council and council members.  

Blazers Nov. 22nd. Vs Chicago. Friday. Maybe able to buy group tickets through schools and get a discount or different benefits. All schools need to agree to do it. About 250 tickets available. $20-$50.

New student orientation: Nate: Went well. Many of the negative comments weren’t that negative. People said that they really liked their group leaders. For future group leaders should be both student and administrator leaders. Need 4 students for Monday Sept. 30 12:30 – 6:00pm. Some feedback of maybe 2 students from different disciplines  to help. Friday Oct 4. Interprofessional group and GSO BBQ.

Student council retreat: On a Saturday. Food and Ropes course. Some team building exercise. Decide on date 2nd or 3rd sat. in October. Need to make sure all schools have their reps elected by next meeting.

New name for website… working on it. Sky bridge. My Scope.

Halloween party Planning Ali MS5, James Rohlfing MS2. Med school band maybe to play. Location? Maybe move to the student center. Oct. 25th.

Pulse: Comments on the new layout. Searchable document from google.  And a truncated pdf. Article for selection process and training for future pulse editors. Deadline for articles in 1st couple weeks of October. Maybe integrate Student Speak in with the pulse.

Student health: get your flu shots or get them to come to you. Get your wavers in by September 30th.

Student Center: Flu shots oct 4 at orientation. Zip therapy dog this Friday September 20th. New housing The Emery at the waterfront.
Ski trip Jan 17th-19th .

Intramurals – registration oct 1 and oct 14th is start day.
Movie in media room. Oct 8 or 10th.  Maybe a Seahawks game. New artist reception 24th oct. .