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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Interlibrary Loan

Free ILL for OHSU students!
Starting April 1, 2012, OHSU Library will no longer charge students for ILL requests!*
To request items, students need an ILL Express account. Once registered, requesting articles is simple. To order articles from OHSU Library databases, simply click on the blue "Find it at OHSU Library" button, then click on the Interlibrary Loan link. Log into your ILL Express account (only need to do once) and hit the Submit button. Your request has been submitted!
Did You Know?
• The cost to OHSU Library to fill an ILL request can range from $8.50 to $90.00, with the average cost being $17.50.
• The average turnaround time for an article is 2-3 days; with times varying from 2 hours to 2-3 weeks, depending on the library that is filling your request.
• Because books need to be shipped, the average turnaround time for print or audiovisual materials is 1-4 weeks. The average turnaround time for print or audio visual materials requested through Summit (free!) is 4-5 days.
*The fine print
• Free ILL requests are capped at 10 requests per quarter. This cap was set based on the Free ILL pilot project conducted from September – December 2011. Most students ordered one or two articles, with the average number of requests per student being 4.5. The fee for additional requests is $2.00/request.
• RUSH charges remain at $10.00 per request. This is because the OHSU Library has to pay a premium to the lending library for rush services.
• We regret that the library cannot process RUSH requests for text books.
• The Library will not process free requests for leisure reading. Summit (free & fast!) is a good source for novels, popular reading, CDs and DVDs.
• Students may not use departmental alias/FAIDS to pay for requests that exceed the quarterly cap. If departmental accounts are used, the cost is $10.00/request.
• If you are an OHSU employee who requests materials for a department and a currently enrolled OHSU student, please set up two ILL Express accounts, so that you will not be charged departmental fees ($10.00/request) when you are requesting as a student. Call 503-494-2399 or email libdoc@ohsu.edu if you have questions or concerns about this.
• Please note that Document Delivery (scanned PDFs provided from print items in the OHSU Library collection) fees are still $10.00/request, unless you are a student enrolled in a distance program.

Friday, April 13, 2012