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Monday, May 4, 2015

April 2015 All Hill Council Minutes


April Meeting Agenda:

OHSU Student Council (SC)
4/10/2015, 12:00-1:00/1:30pm
Location: MRB 310
Called to order:

Attendants: K.C. Gilbert, Amelia Stoker, Karl Shao, Jacque Platta, Tate Masunaga, Chris Fanger, Jacob Goertz, Lizzy Sunderhaus, Kayly Lembke, Amy Tzou, Quinn Halverson, Andrew Sloan, David Edwards, Monica Luttrell, Heather Ennis, Karen Seresun, Sarah Lemley, Bekki Witt, Laura Ziegen, Dana Director, Rajkaran Sachdej, Donald Henschel, David Toffey

·         Welcome/Food/Drinks (10 minutes)
·         Approval of Past Minutes (1 minute)
o   Approved
·         Funding Request-Women in Science (WIS) Happy Hour Mixer at OMSI (5 minutes)-Maria Purice
o   Happy Hour Mixer with students from all schools at OMSI May 13th at 5:30-8:00 pm.  Requesting $200 for security, server and promotional material.  Flyers once finalized will be sent out to All-Hill to advertise.  Expecting 80 students. Funding request approved.
·         Gala (5 minutes)-James Rohlfing
o   May 8th at the Adriana Ballroom downtown.  Online system to purchase tickets ahead of time which is cheaper.  Ticket includes price of food and alcohol available by purchase.  Looking for 2-3 volunteers to be present at the event to greet and help with setup.  Please help promote to your schools. 
·         All-Hill Elections (5 minutes)- K.C. Gilbert
o   6 positions with stipends.  Email K.C. and Karen a resume and short cover letter that will be distributed to the council.  April 24th is the deadline for applications and the next executive council will be announced at the next May meeting and will take over at June. 
·         School Updates (5 minutes)
·         Regular Updates (15 minutes)
o   Website Coordinator (Adam Fox)
§  Not present
o   JBT Health and Wellness Center (Sarah Lemley)
§  Have hired 3 new primary care practitioners.  Formed a collaboration with Pacific Source Insurance via Portland State. Deductables will decrease from $750-300. Dependent coverage will be offered for one more year and then it will no longer be offered. Dental is still required.
o   Student Health Advisory Committee (Marilyn Spencer)
§  Not present
o   Student Newsletter Committee (David Edwards)
§  Deadline is Friday, April 24th for summer submissions.  It will be distributed through the student portal and in print.  Please email submissions to David Edwards. Published first week of May.
o   Student Center Planning Committee (Karen Seresun)
§  1S019 seats 25 available on Fridays in CLSB for next years meeting.  MRB 310 is still available for next year.  Need to know if we want the room by Monday.   Decided to keep meetings next year at MRB 310 instead of CLSB but continue to look for a room in CHH in the future.
§  President Kohler will be the keynote speaker at graduation. April 15th deadline for regalia. Students need to be at the convention center at 10 am.
o   Intramurals/Student Center Events (Heather Ennis)
§  Monday the 13th intramural sports start. Blazer vs. OKC shown at 5 pm on Monday the 13th and Chipotle will be served.  Quiz Bowl was a success with about 35 people there.
o   March Wellness (Erich Knipschild)
§  Not present
o   Library (Laura Ziegen and Stephanie Kerns)
§  Looking for students to attend a faculty meeting in May to discuss with the library faculty about OHSU governance.
o   OHSU Communications (Bekki Witt)
§  Student group is working to make the student portal better.  Bekki asked for ideas for a letter from the Provost to new students.  Research week May 4th-8th in old library auditorium.  Call for submissions went out last week.  Student day is May 4th.
·         Funding Request-Health Equity Circle (5 minutes)-David Toffey and Donald Henschel
o   Requested $1500 for membership fees for Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good. Cap is at $1000 and does not seem to cover students all across the schools.  Also, if it is going to be a yearly event, student council does not want to set a standard for covering the cost yearly unless it includes students from across campus. 

Next Meeting:  May 8, 2015, 12:00-1:00/1:30pm at MRB 310*


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