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Saturday, March 14, 2015

February 2015 All Hill Council Minutes


February Meeting Agenda:

OHSU Student Council (SC)
2/13/2015, 12:00-1:00/1:30pm
Location: MRB 310
Called to order:


·         Welcome/Food/Drinks (10 minutes)
·         Approval of Past Minutes (1 minute)
o   Past meeting minutes approved
·         Funding Request (5 minutes)- Interprofessional Quiz Bowl
o   Passed for full $1000. In previous years, used about $900-$1000. 2 opposed.
·         Volunteer Awards Ceremony (10 minutes)-Monica Luttrell
o   Monica explained ethos behind award ceremony and logistics. Encouraged people to spread word about nominations and attend event. People nominated for awards submit their CV. Selection committee is composed of members of All-Hill. Nominations due Feb 16th. March 5th at ~6pm for CV reading. Food provided. Actual event on March 12th. Need volunteers for event to help setup and check IDs for wine bar.
·         Motorcycle Parking (5 minutes)-Daniel Mick
o   Daniel raised his concern that the university does a poor job of incentivizing motorcycle usage despite it’s positive environmental impacts compared to cars. He also raised the point that there are many unusable parts of different parking garages that could fit motorcycles and not cars but result in tickets if parked in. Proposed solutions: Effect more lenient rules related to where you can park a motorcycle, reduce fees, paint more motorcycle spots. Dana Director encouraged us to invite Sue Thompson to our next meeting to discuss this issue. Josiah Brown will work with Daniel Mick to draft letter of concern. Please add this issue to next month’s meeting agenda.
·         Executive Meeting with the Provost (5 minutes)-K.C. Gilbert
o   Meeting topics included graduation and student health. University is changing graduation at the institution level. OSU PharmD now included in graduation.
§  Provost agreed at meeting that communication had been poor from the higher administration to students. Graduation this year is at convention center. Begins at 1100. Begins with one large ceremony then breaks into individual programs. Officially ends at 5PM, however the last 2-3 hours of the event are blocked for reception. Dana Director reiterated that students are not responsible for raising funds whatsoever for graduation.
§  Provost stated that moving student health to CLSB is not an option for reasons of health information security, logistics, and financial sustainability. It was brought up that moving Student Health to CHH at some point might be an option. We discussed changing both the policy
·         Volunteerism-Habitat for Humanity Recap (5 minutes)-James Rohlfing
o   Last Habitat event very well attended, with 15/15 spots filled. Plan is to schedule another build day in the Spring with them.
·         Gala (5 minutes)-James Rohlfing
o   Nursing rep states that their constituents are very involved. PharD students already have spring formal event, but it is much more expensive. They feel like their constituents would be very likely to go if the ticket was only $10. Dental feels that the gala would be more attended by 1st and 2nd years than upperclassmen. Medical brought up that MS1/MS2 CLSB classrooms could be used for event. It was brought up  Would like to setup subcommittee for planning. Looking at May 8th. People generally feel that their constituents would be interested in attending.
·         All-Hill Ski Trip (2 minutes)-Andrew Sloan
o   No problems with ski trip.
·         Representation – Adam Fox brought up that it would be nice if class presidents of each class were specifically invited to All Hill meetings to facilitate communication.
·         School Updates (5 minutes)
·         Regular Updates (15 minutes)
o   Website Coordinator (Adam Fox)
o   JBT Health and Wellness Center (Sarah Lemley)
§  Currently undergoing some provider turnover, so there may be some difficulty getting appointments until this spring.
o   Student Health Advisory Committee (Marilyn Spencer)
§  Insurance that OHSU provides is combining with PSU, ideally to lower premiums. Waiver will not change. OHP will continue to qualify for waiver. Currently working on issue of dependent coverage. Only 50 students who are on school health plan have dependents, and 37 of these are graduate students.
o   Student Newsletter Committee (David Edwards)
§  Latest Pulse issue last month
o   Student Center Planning Committee (Karen Seresun)
§  Focus groups last year clearly desired campus pub in Student Center. Request for Proposal has been written and is being sent out to local vendors who may be interested in hosting. Provost is behind event.
o   Intramurals/Student Center Events (Heather Ennis)
§  Closed Presidents Day. 2/19/2015 SOM Specialty Speed Dating Event 5:30-7:30PM (Gym closed from noon on). 2/25/2015 – Possible Blazers Viewing Event, to include food but possibly not alcohol. 3/6/2015 – SOD Black Tie Ball, gym closed at 12:30PM. 3/12/2015 – Volunteer Awards Ceremony, beings at 5:30PM, gym closes at 12:30PM. 3/14/2015 – Hoops for Hopes, gym closed all day. 3/30/2015, Pool closure begins for one week to replace filtration system. 4/4/2015 – New Artist in Student Center, SOD professor.
o   March Wellness (Erich Knipschild)
§  Not in attendance
o   Library (Laura Ziegen)
§  Trying to get bulletin board and suggestion box put in at LRC at CLSB. Has to go through administration because it is considered an alteration to the building. They are currently analyzing usage of LRC study rooms. People studying alone in group study rooms will be asked to vacate the room. Students raised concerns that even quiet areas are still loud from nearby non-quiet areas. Students would like a designated attendant to enforce library rules. Recommended to contact Stephanie Kerns, Associate University Librarian.
o   OHSU Communications (Bekki Witt)
§  Not in attendance.

Next Meeting:  March 13, 2015, 12:00-1:00/1:30pm at MRB 310*

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