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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

January All-Hill MTG

January Meeting Agenda:

OHSU Student Council (SC)
1/10/2014, 12:00-1:00/1:30pm
Location: MRB 310
Called to order:

Attendants: Nate Risley, James Rohlfing, David Edwards, Nick Brody, Susan Lou, Daniel McMaster, Chris Fanger, Alex Cioara, David Kyle Robinson, Cristina Butterfield, Kelly Chacon, Soroush Amali, John McLennan, Lauren Leyland, Adam Fox, K.C. Gilbert, Andrew Sloan, Daniel Egbert, Greg Kiene, Matt Van Sickle, Erich Knipschild, Heather Ennis, Karen Seresun, Sarah Lemley, Amelia Stoker, Quinn Halverson

·      Welcome/Food/Drinks (10 minutes)
·      Approval of Past Minutes (1 minute)
·      Funding Requests (20 minutes)
o   Health Care Equality Week (Brenda Niu)
§  Funding Request passed for $1000
o   Institute for Healthcare Improvement (Andrew Thomas)
§  Funding request passed for $500
o   All-Hill Video Game night (James Means)
§  Funding request passed for $300
·      All-Hill Ski Trip (Kenneth Gilbert, 10 minutes)
o   Checks have been cashed
o   Promo code will be sent out to receive discounted ski tickets
o   It is not possible to receive refunds for rooms if you are unable to go
·      All-Hill Volunteer Ideas (Monica Luttrell)
·      Awards Ceremony (Karen Seresun)
o   Call for nominations recently went out
o   Different awards categories
o   All are welcome to attend and support their fellow classmates
o   Would like to see around 250 to 300 people attend the ceremony
·      Regular Updates (20 minutes)
o   Website Coordinator (Quinn Martin)
§  No updates
o   Student Health Center (Sarah Lemley)
§  Primary care is open until 5:30 on Thursdays
§  Student health advisory committee is looking into cover Oregon and OHP for coverage
§  Cover Oregon and OHP will not be on the 2014-2015 academic calendar
o   Student Health Advisory Committee (Lilly Winfree)
o   Student Newsletter Committee (David Edwards)
§  Newsletter was finished and will be posted to the website soon and will be sent out
o   Student Center Planning Committee (Karen Seresun)
o   Intramurals/Student Center Events (Heather Ennis)
§  Leagues start Tuesday, Jan. 23
§  Would like to do a Blazer game soon
o   March Wellness (Erich Knipschild)
§  Events for this month have been sent out
o   Library (Laura Ziegen)
§  Hoping to receive money to upgrade the 24 hr study area so the study rooms receive new tables, chairs and white boards and will hopefully be completed at the end of January
o   OHSU Communications (Matt Vansicale)
o   Research Week (Nate)
§  Potential to make a 4 person team and compete to win research week
§  Anyone can participate and will culminate in research jeopardy
§  Looking to get up to 10 volunteers

Next Meeting:  Friday, February 14, 2014, 12:00-1:00/1:30pm at MRB 310*

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