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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quiz Bowl Results

Hey All
I wanted to thank everyone who showed up for the quiz bowl, I was impressed by the turn out and everyone said they had a lot of fun. The Mighty Mighty SOMites (Med Students were the only group stoke enough to make a team name) manage to win only because Mark Munoz and Adam Blanchard were able to prevent the rest of their team from going negative. The dentist had a valiant effort, in one round, recovering from -1200 to 200 points shy from beating the winning team. Of course, nursing was the life of the party – I remember one nursing student schooling everyone when she answered this question: “This foot bone has been used historically as dice in gambling games. - What is the cuboid?” – Whoever you were miss nursing student that was pretty awesome.

Great Job everyone. I would like to thank the sponsor – OHSU student council, OSU College of Pharmacy Executive Council, Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society.

If you would like to make this event annually, contact your OHSU student council representative to try host the event again@ ohsustudent.blogspot.com

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