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Friday, April 15, 2011

Construction at the Student Center

I am pleased to announce that this year's construction project at the Student Center is about to begin. We've received the construction permits from the City of Portland, and starting on Monday, April 18th, there will be noticeable signs that the project is underway. Opsis architecture will be providing the center with some renderings of the completed space and also the construction schedule and anticipated completion date. We will post this information in the lounge space for all students and employees to view. At this point, it appears that all amenities within the center will remain open throughout the project; however, in advance, we apologizes if the project requires any closures or adjustments to the hours of operation. Furthermore, we apologizes for the noise and dust that this project will create, but are confident that Inline Construction will be working hard to minimize any disruptions. If you have any questions about the construction project, please feel free to stop by the center and further discuss your concerns with the staff or myself. Finally, if you are interested in serving on next year's Student Center Advisory Committee, please contact Jesse Hollander, hollanje@ohsu.edu, to learn more.

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