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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Aug Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes (Download)
OHSU Student Council
8/10/10, 12:10-1:30pm
Location: BRB 381

Attendants: Rachel Seltzer MS4, Kristin Belford NS3, Derek Musashe GS4, Trevor Frideres DS2, Chris Denton MS3, Jinnell Lewis MS4, Jason Deignan GS6, James McCormach GSO/DMICE, James McKanna GSO/DMICE, Heather Ennis Assistant Director Student Center, Karen Seresun Assistant Vice Provost Student Center, Sarah Wampold PA1, Laura Mason PA1, Laura Zeigan Library Services

  1. Welcome/Food/Drinks (10 minutes)
  2. Updates (30 minutes)
    1. Student Newsletter Committee (Vijay Patel—vacation)
    2. Student Health Advisory Group (Derek Musashe): question of enrolling spouses with Aetna
    3. Student Center Planning Committee (Karen Seresun, Jesse Hollander—vacation):
      1. Campus Services Orientation: Fri, 9/24, 3-4:30pm, at the Student Center, prior to the GSO BBQ; w/ bike commuting safety and information, March Wellness, Welcome to OR table, $5 bike helmets?, flu shots thru health center happening now (check with your program or the student health center for dates, times, and locations); you can get an free OHSU ‘tumbler’; different departments will be present, volunteer opportunities, student health, fin aid, environmental health & safety.
    4. March Wellness (Joan Feraco—not present):
    5. Library (Laura Zeigan):
      1. New comfy chairs upstairs, partly purchased with last year’s fundraiser that Student Council helped out with
      2. They’ve got a new piece of artwork on the wall!
      3. The 4th floor is now all-hours after-hours access with a badge, with entrance on the 4th floor; students must enter through the third floor during the day, and 4th floor after-hours
      4. Student Open House, Wed, 10/20, 4:30-6, Halloween-themed, with food and prizes
    6. Community Service Fair Discussion (Katie Yates—not present)
    7. Intramurals (Heather Ennis):
      1. Registration for intramurals will be in several weeks, with late start of Oct. 11; options include the usual soccer, basketball and volleyball
      2. She’ll be at SON orientation to educate new nursing students about it
  3. Approval of Past Minutes (5 minutes)
    1. Minutes approved for July & August 2010
    2. Minutes from June not accessible for meeting; will be obtained and up for approval at October meeting.
  1. Updates (cont’d)
    1. Medical: MS1—just started, no reps present (may not be elected yet); MS2—no reps present, although MS2s present for funding request able to contribute: Specialty Speed Dating on Tuesday, 11/16/10; Talk on 9/21 Tom Kirsch MD, Emergency Medicine physician from Johns Hopkins, sponsored by IMIG, AMSA, speaking on the future of disaster response, primarily about his experiences in Haiti and Chile, noontime, free, OL Auditorium, scouncil@ohsu.edu (Merlin Curry); MS3—on clinical rotations; MS4—residency applications!
    2. Dental: Beach orientation, where they focused on team-building; DS1s have started, and are presently having elections; everyone else starts back up in two weeks
    3. Pharmacy: Start up again in two weeks
    4. GSO:
      1. GSO BBQ! CROET courtyard (at the med school, where the half head (statue) is, 9/24, 5pm, following the campus services orientation from 3-4:30pm
      2. In touch with Susan Sugarman re: community volunteerism
      3. A big priority this year is bringing in West Campus (Hillsboro) and distance learning students in the GSO community
      4. The first GSO meeting is in October (10/6/10?), and there will sushi! Anyone is welcome, not just GSO students.
    5. Nursing:
      1. Orientations coming up 9/16
      2. 9/19-21 Global Health Conference in Seattle—for all providers, not just nursing students
      3. AccBaccs are in session, OCNE starts in two weeks (3yr BSN)
    6. PA: PA Week is in the end of November, details to follow at next meeting
    7. Allied Health (not present):
      1. Discussion that they may need to be reinforced of student council as an opportunity. Programs considered are Clinical Lab Master’s students, Radiation Technology, Paramedics
      2. Consider redefining our quorum
  1. New Business (30 minutes)
    1. Pharm funding request--$1500-2000, to run compounding labs (this year, it’s chapstick they’re making!); they plan on visiting six to seven middle schools, teach about careers in health care, and compound chapstick. It was originally funded by Walgreen’s diversity grant, but this year Walgreen’s strongly encouraged them to explore other funding sources. They plan on doing this in the Winter and in June. (June is when OMSI does a science fair.) (Formal funding request to follow.)
    2. Med funding request--$500 to help host Dr. Tom Kirsch, speaking twice on the future of disaster response, and his experiences in Haiti and Chile: 9/21 at OL at noon, 9/22 at CROET. Everyone across the university is invited, and encouraged to attend. He is speaking on He has asked for no compensation in return, only that his trip be provided for. AMSA is covering his airfare, OHSU’s Emergency Medicine Department is helping with part of hotel accomodations cost; they still require funds to cover the difference in hotel cost, as well as transportation, and meals. They are also spending some out-of-pocket expenses to host him. 9/21 attendance!! across the university, some out of pocket funding
    3. GSO funding request—$500 for the GSO-sponsored all-hill BBQ. All students are welcome, and people visiting are welcome to attend too. (Formal funding request to follow.)
    4. Information sharing across OHSU student program—Suggestions to create a link to the blog page on the OHSU homepage vs the Education homepage; Laura spoke with Web Strategies (after the meeting) and the concensus is we will talk about our objectives for the student website and how we want to deliver information to students. At that point we may choose to with Web Strategies; on the blog there is also a forum for housing stuff, bikes, etc.; and the PULSE needs more writers, if anyone you know is interested!
    5. Student Policy Workshop—HPIG 9/22 12-1pm RJH (4329?)
    6. Incidental fees—Charlie is absent; defer till October meeting
    7. Student interest groups need to reregister each year, by 10/1, on Student Center webpage

Next Meeting: Friday, Oct, 2010, 12:00-1:30pm


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